Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bullets, Pizza, and Good Bye (The Last Day!!)

The last day of yeshivas kayitz began with a late wake up (7:30 am, you take what you can get), followed by choko, davening and breakfast (in that order). From there we continued on to merkas haeretz (basically means places nearish to Tel Aviv) for The Last Day....

Group photo of the Mivtza Torah participants 

Swim, fly, and Jump (Eilat and back)

They woke us up at 4:45 am, and by 5:30 am we were packed and ready (choko in hand) to partake in the 3 hour journey to ...Eilat.
Parasailing in Eilat 

Hike, Float, and be Amazed (also shabbos in chevron)

The first day of the Grand Trip took us from the mountains of tzfas to the mountain of masada. From the Dead Sea to the historic city of Chevron.
Hiking Masada

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Runaways, Championships, and Learning Class Jeopardy!

The last day of yeshivas kayitz (on the actual campus) was one filled with wonders, mysteries, and Jeopardy (learning class style). Not  to mention to the World Series of Football championship super bowl cup extravaganza.
The Jeopardy contestants await their turn

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mivtza Torah: Deluxe Jeeping Expedition

As a grand reward to all those (26 people l'erech) who successfully (85% and above) completed 4 blatt gemara, there was super deluxe jeeping expedition.